If you were attacked by raiders, what would you do?

Would you freeze and let your team down? Or would you keep it together long enough to finish what you started and make it out alive?

Test your own abilities in an escape room experience like you've never seen before.

Spots are limited, though, so reserve yours now!

Team size: 1-8
(recommended team size: 4-6)
Time: 60 intense minutes

Darklight Disco Fight

Take on your friends in a head-to-head puzzle battle against the clock.  Two teams. Two identical rooms with identical puzzles. Most points after 60 minutes wins.

But that's not it...

Each puzzle has a unique piece that only ONE team can get. SO... sabotage is encouraged! Take their pieces, take their points, or plunge them into utter darkness.  (or make them dress up in a costume and dance like their life depends on it).

Hopefully they won't hate you for too long...

Team size: 2-6 VS. 2-6
(recommended team size: 2 teams of 3+)
Time: 60 minutes


The Body Shop

It’s late. Your phone buzzes. You’ve just gotten a notification that a nearby body shop needs a package delivered ASAP. You sigh. But…it’s Congo’s delivery promise, and you’re their closest courier.

You arrive after closing, and everyone’s gone. “This place looks a little shady”, you think to yourself. You see a few things that seem…strange.  As you leave the package as instructed, the alarm goes off, and the door locks behind you.

You’d better get out of there before security arrives and starts asking questions! But how are you supposed to escape? You only have 60 minutes to get it figured out! Can you make it?